This Week in BTRtoday Stories

This week, America almost went to war with North Korea again, we cried undue amounts over a stranger’s wedding and the NFL decided to crack down on players kneeling during the national anthem – the most pressing concern in a sport practically synonymous with “brain injury.”

Over here at BTRtoday, we focused on stories you didn’t know you needed. But you do. Our top story was about iron deficiency, so all you fine folk need to get a hamburger pronto.

Here are some of our other favorite stories from this week.

“Night Of 1,000 Bowies at House Of Yes”

Image by Edwina Hay

Our fearless photoblogger waded into a labyrinth where “Ziggy Stardusts mingled with Diamond Dogs and Thin White Dukes.”

”Why All the Faces on One Pieces”

Image from Bags of Love

I questioned the wisdom of stamping one piece bathing suits with the faces of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. “Who had this idea, why did they share it, who funded it and did they truly mean to turn Harry’s beard into a merkin?”

Let Tony Soprano Provide Your Summer Style Guide

Image from Flickr user Diariocritico de Venezuela

Our resident expert in Italian-American New Jersey explored the seasonal fashions of the mob. On track suits, he writes “There’s just something about matching from head to toe in the same material that makes a man feel good. But while they may be referred to as track or jogging suits, it’s actually illegal to perform any sort of physical activity while wearing them.”

DAD on Memes, The Edge & Christopher Reeve

Image by Lena Fauter

In the latest Tune-Up, our music writer talked to the band DAD. On where they get their sound, one member told BTRtoday, “Well my inspiration has always had one underlying theme and that is to not be like Phish.”

Tom Wolfe’s Empty White Suit

BTRtoday’s Editor in Chief questioned how his own writing was influenced by the late Tom Wolfe. “As I grew as a writer, I became suspicious of Wolfe’s knowing, bitchy tone. It seemed lazy. I wondered if what seemed at first like finely observed and carefully sketched observations were in truth just the casual bullying you’d hear in a country club’s locker room.”