The Year's Best Electronic Instruments

It was a big year for music tech innovations but production changes were subtle, they were easy to miss. While music manufacturers released a wide array of keyboards, drum machines, voice effects boxes and other instruments, nobody reinvented the wheel. The new features on this year’s devices were refinements on older products, not revolutions to the industry.

From voice synths to analog drum machines and widely disliked robo-tuners, here are the biggest electronic instruments stories BTRtoday covered in 2018.

Gibson’s Bankruptcy Isn’t a Shock For Indie Guitarists

BTRtoday chatted with musicians in the NYC scene about the guitar giant’s bankruptcy filing. (Turns out nobody likes the robotuner.)

Test-Driving The Arturia DrumBrute


The Coming Drum Machine Revolution


Can drum machines make a comeback in a laptop world? New percussion devices from big names are making a strong argument.

Roland’s VT-4 Voice Transformer Looks Amazing, Could be Annoying

The voice synthesizer looks incredibly powerful. Let’s hope it’s used responsibly.

Test-Driving The Korg Monologue And Volca Series

Can the BTRtoday editorial staff play Korg’s musical devices without training or instruction? (Spoiler alert: yes)