The Year in Sex Toys

This was a weird year overall, and the madness was reflected in sex toy trends. Enjoy some of our 2017 coverage and try not to cum the second you see the C-3PO butt plug.

Star Wars sex toys were a thing
The original Star Wars was released 40 years ago this year. In celebration, we collected some of the intergalactic sex toys inspired by the space epic. Some are mild, like Star Wars condoms. Others are only for the bravest of Jedis, like a full body Stormtrooper latex suit.

In time for The Last Jedi, Geeky Sex Toys released an even kinkier line of Star Wars toys. Fancy a Yoda-shaped dildo or vibrator shaped like Darth Vader? How about a ball gag shaped like the Death Star?

We explored the fauna of Sex Toy Jungle
Sex toys used to be shaped exclusively like rabbits and ladybugs. Now, vibrators come in alien and monstrous shapes. But don’t worry, the rabbit vibe isn’t going anywhere, it’s simply been joined by sex devices from outer space.

The eggplant emoji became a vibrator
On “Juicy Bits,” I spoke with Kris Jandler, co-founder of Emojibator. It’s the first vibrator shaped after the classic sexting symbol. And it’s actually a pretty good toy.

Walmart is all grown up
Sam Walton wove Christian values throughout his superstore but after Walmart’s acquisition of, it peddles sex toys. The move from selling yard swings to also selling sex swings has brought their compliance department some headaches over the past year.

A new speculum took cues from sex toys
A team of female designers are developing a new speculum. And since it’s 2017, it has an app. The “Yona” will replace the pinching, creaky device with a sleek tool that resembles a sex toy. The design team hopes it will produce a better atmosphere for your pap smear than a device that looks like Amish farm equipment.

Your sex toy might not be secure
Hackers at a cybersecurity security firm proved how easy it is to hack into bluetooth-enabled sex toys by, well, doing it. It was not in use at the time. As they pointed out, there is not an easy way to input a password or pin on a sex toy, making it visible and open to nefarious entities. So penetrating Lovesense Hush buttplug was easy. Too easy.

That said, everything comes with risks and it is unlikely sex toy hacking is the next big security threat. Explore your wild side.

You can now rape a sex bot
This year, sex robot company TrueCompanion released a model that you can rape. Her name is Frigid Farrah and she doesn’t want you to touch her. Literally. Asking you to stop is built into her protocol. Very on-theme for 2017. Also did I mention I have no faith in humanity?