The Year in Electronic Instruments

It was a big year for music tech, with forward-looking synths vying with throwback experimental instruments for attention. See below for the innovations that excited us the most, from modular synths to keytars.

Teenage Engineering Brings Modular Synths to The Masses

Modulars once filled entire rooms. Now they can fit in backpacks.

The Keytar is Back, Baby!

Roland has unearthed the oft-clowned on signature electronic instrument of the ‘80s. But this time, it’s no joke.

Test-Driving Arturia’s KeyLab 49 Keyboard

The BTRtoday staff was amazed by the KeyLab but we’re not sure the feeling is mutual.

MicroFreak is The Synth You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Arturia’s new keyboard is a snarling little low-cost beast