The Year for Criticizin' Biden

Joe Biden had one heck of a 2020. He started the year off as a Democratic primary before becoming the frontrunner, eventual nominee, and finally President-elect.

His victory over Donald Trump is one that’ll go down in history as America’s most voted in election ever, as well as one of its most significant. It’s fair to wonder if Biden is the right president for our time, though, and we’ve done just that all year long.

It’s not that we don’t like the guy—it’s more that he represents the careerist, corporatist, establishment politics that disaffected voters for decades and ultimately led to the Trump nightmare we’re just beginning to wake from. Plus, since he won by crushing his progressive challengers and alienated those voters throughout the primary and general election process. It’s very likely he feels no need to capitulate to them in any, shape, or form once he’s in the White House. Other than that, though, he seems like an okay guy!

Biden was never the perfect candidate and he certainly won’t be the perfect president, but here’s to holding out a shred of hope he’ll stay open to leftists’ voices and organizations. Maybe he can make it his new year’s resolution.

Anyway, thanks for the content these last 12 months. Here are some of our favorite Biden pieces from this year.

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