The Worst Conservatives of 2020

Conservative punditry took a turn for the worse last year.

Well, maybe that’s overselling things a bit, since everything we see from the right is a straightforward evolution of its own discourse and outrage matrix. Still, with COVID-19 raging and Donald Trump eventually losing (badly), the trash takes and bad politics went into hyperdrive.

Some of the year’s worst conservative actors were running the same old playbook while others upped the ante. Cancel culture became a virtue signal. Culture war became canon. Convention became screaming propaganda minister-style. And harebrained hidden camera exposés became … well, nothing really—still just as dumb and obvious as ever.

Without any further ado, here are some of the worst conservatives we wrote about in 2020.

Why O’Keefe’s Bernie Exposé Fell Flat

Before he faked a voter fraud sting, O’Keefe tried framing a Bernie Sanders staffer. The hidden camera video barely cracked rightwing media circles.


Bloomberg’s “Not A Socialist” Cap is Out of Touch

Oh yeah, Mike Bloomberg qualifies. The billionaire/ former mayor’s baseball cap almost transcended mockery. Almost.


A Brief, Updated History of Matt Gaetz’s Worst Moments

The Florida congressman added to his long list of dumb misdeeds in 2020.


Dan Crenshaw Wants a Culture War

Republicans call Black Lives Matter protests and statue removals anti-American because it’s all they’ve got.


Where Will Bari Weiss Wind Up Next?

After she left the New York Times opinion section, we set the odds for the next outlet to host the writer’s bad opinions.


Tom Cotton is Full of Sh*t

The Arkansas Senator gave himself away by referring to slavery as a “necessary evil.”


Kimberly Guilfoyle is Screaming Into the Void

The RNC’s opening night exceeded even its worst dystopian expectations.