The Very Best "Imma Head Out" Memes

Every so often a meme captures the internet zeitgeist and spreads like wildfire. But the “Imma head out” Spongebob meme is a unique kind of spectacular.

Like any great meme, “Imma head out” is universal. Everyone’s had an awkward social encounter. Likewise, everyone’s ghosted an uncomfortable situation looking and sounding just like Spongebob. The meme has evolved into countless forms, referencing everything from pop culture to U.S. history and even making an appearance on an NFL player’s cleats.

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And since “Imma head out” is applicable to every kind of situation or topic, it was only a matter of time until things got a little more X-rated.

Despite being a meme about exiting a situation that’s either grown tiresome or uncomfortable, “Imma head out” is still going strong. The hang time is secretly appropriate, a fact that becomes clear when you watch the whole Spongebob clip.

You didn’t hear it from us.