The Ultimate Thanksgiving Movie Marathon For Millennials Who Want to Escape The Holiday

Thanksgiving is an annoying holiday.

It’s close to Christmas, Hanukkah and other winter holidays. It forces people who live far from their families to make long trips home one right after the other. When you arrive you’re greeted by distant relatives you haven’t spoken to for a whole year eager to ask when you’re going to have kids or tell you tattoos are stupid. The meal preparation puts so much stress on the host. Plus, the whole holiday is based on the start of the mass genocide of Native Americans.

The answer is movies. Movies get the whole family to spend time together and shut up.

I’ve been working on a Thanksgiving movie marathon list for a while now. I’ve got something for everybody—horror, rom-com, comedy, kids animation, you name it. However, I leave drama out of this, because we get enough of that in real life during this holiday.

So, tell grandpa to stop complaining about everybody’s work ethic and switch these bad boys on to keep your family in good spirits once the tryptophan kicks in.


Thankskilling 1, 2 & 3

I never knew I needed a talking evil turkey in my life until I saw these trailers.


Sweet November

After a scary movie, I always need to follow up with something not scary. This seems like the perfect November rom-com to sweeten the mood.


For Your Consideration

But, rom-coms aren’t everybody’s thing, so flip on something funny like this one from the creators of Best In Show. A movie about filmmakers trying to make a movie about a Jewish holiday, but the producers want them to “turn down the Jewishness” of it and make it about Thanksgiving.


Free Bird

I love animated children’s movies. They’re always non-stressful and leave you in a good mood. This one’s perfect for the whole family. (Expect, maybe not for the older brother who just wants to watch dumb action movies. Like, can you let us live a little, Nick?)


Addams Family Values

I’ve seen most of this movie, but I’ve never gotten to the part where Wednesday and Pugsley have to put on some weird play about Thanksgiving and that looks like the best part.


Bone Eater

This cheesy thriller seems right up the alley of anyone who’s into low-budget monster movies (which I very much am). It’s about a Native American curse coming to life and going on a killing spree. Just like Thanksgiving, it all starts with white men being assholes and fucking everything up for the Native Americans.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I always knew this film was a holiday classic but I never knew Steve Martin and John Candy were trying to make it home for Thanksgiving. So, now I guess I have to see it.