The Totally Normal Things Conservatives Have Tried to Shame AOC For

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $300 haircut could wind up costing her a lot more.

Well, not really. But that’s what the Washington Times wants its readers to believe. The conservative news site’s story was just the latest attempt to smear Ocasio-Cortez for doing pretty normal things. As many women quickly pointed out, $300 isn’t that crazy of a price for a haircut and lowlights. But if she were really a socialist, right wing media claims, she would willingly pay half her salary in taxes and would never buy goods or services of any kind.

The argument is bullshit, AOC has heard plenty of bad faith before. She’s served as a conservative punching bag since being elected to Congress last year. Mis-contexutalizing public statements and portraying her extremely popular political positions as bad are the usual go-tos. But right wing media has taking a certain liking to shaming AOC for doing ordinary stuff. Here’s a quick list of other extremely normal behavior conservative media and politicians have attempted to shame her for.

Doing a corny dancing video while attending Boston UniversityThis “controversy” seems like ages ago, yet it still stands as the most embarrassing attempt to shame AOC. She was “having fun” at an “elite school,” not struggling like someone who purportedly wants to help people must. Also if recording cringeworthy shit we did during college is a crime, we’re all guilty.

Complaining about cost of living in Washington, D.C. After her election, Ocasio-Cortez gave an interview stating that her three-month transitional period into Congress was difficult because she was burning through savings and couldn’t yet afford a D.C. apartment. Conservative media ran all over the place with this. Fox News used Financial Disclosure Reports to deduce AOC had at least $15,000 in the bank. Other outlets and figures shame her for not being financially solvent. These two narratives sort of collide with one another, but again, that doesn’t really matter.

Wearing clothing. This piggybacked off the rent interview when Washington Examiner reporter took a picture of AOC from behind and wrote that she doesn’t dress like a woman who struggles. It’s not clear whether the classism or sexism was more obvious.

Where she grew upAOC was born in the Bronx but went to high school in Yorktown, a town in Westchester County. Upon learning these facts, right wing media went absolutely batshit. It’s evidence of her privileged upbringing, which invalidates her political positions.

Being a bartenderThis isn’t actually a singular incident, but AOC’s bartending background is regular fodder for right wingers trying to frame her as an idiot. But this is where the conservative yarn unspins itself—AOC can’t both be an dumb bartender who fell ass backward into a congressional seat and the coastal elite leftwing politician who wants to force you to stop eating hamburgers. The puzzle pieces just don’t quite fit.