The Top 10 American Cities for Adventurous Eaters

Not sure where to take your adventurous palate? Apartment Guide crunched the numbers to find the American cities with the highest ratio of international dining options per resident. Sorry New Yorkers: for all your city’s cosmopolitan swagger, it didn’t crack the top 10. NYC has a staggering variety of sophisticated restaurants but Apartment Guide wasn’t only looking at fine dining. They were interested in cuisines unfamiliar to most Americans and returned mouth-watering results from Vietnam to Trinidad.

Interestingly, eight of the cities on the list lie south of the Mason-Dixon Line, far from Los Angeles, Chicago and other metro areas often lauded for culinary prowess. Some of the best cities to eat outside the box may come as a surprise. Read on to find out.

10. Tampa, Florida

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the city nicknamed The Big Guava kicks off this list. They boast one international restaurant per 3,108 citizens. Options for Gỏi Gà and jerk chicken abound with 44 Vietnamese eateries like Trang Viet Cuisine as well as 29 caribbean spots.

9. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Love gumbo, jambalaya and étouffée? Baton Rouge has over 60 Creole and Cajun joints like Mansurs on the Boulevard, along with plentiful Middle Eastern and Caribbean fare. That’s one for every 2,853 residents, in fact.

8. Richardson, Texas

You’ll find way more than barbecue in this affluent Dallas suburb. Boasting a healthy smattering of restaurants serving Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, South American, Latin American, Cajun/Creole and African specialties, there’s one per every 2,781 of its residents.

7. West Palm Beach, Florida

The international dining scene in Orchid City is alive and well. West Palm Beachers have their choice of Latin American, Vietnamese, Caribbean, South American and more. Places like Cholo Soy Cocina offer an abundance of exotic flavors, with one such establishment for every 2,449 locals.

6. Garden Grove, California

The only western city on the list, Garden Grove’s restaurant scene is dominated by Vietnamese spots, clocking in with a whopping 57. There’s just a small smattering of other international choices like South or Latin America and Middle Eastern, but altogether the ratio still comes to an impressive one for every 2,387 Garden Grovians.

5. Cambridge, MA

Probably best known as the home of Harvard University, Cambridge is the only East Coast city to make this list. With nearly 50 restaurants like beloved Oleana and Orinoco, there’s a place for every 2,367 residents.

4. Lafayette, Louisiana

Another Louisiana city with a healthy kick of Creole and Cajun restaurants, Lafayette boasts 44 such spots. Residents can still get their fix of Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Latin American and South American. One such option for every 2,150 locals puts Hub City in the top half of the list.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans brims with music, fun and amazing places to eat. Po’boys abound in NOLA, as there are nearly 200 places to catch Cajun and Creole specialities. Alongside those bayou specialties, there’s plentiful Vietnamese, Latin American and more.All told, the Big Easy boasts a dining choice of this kind for every 1,501 inhabitants of Mardi Gras City.

2. Orlando, Florida

The City Beautiful may be home to Disney World, but it also has an eclectic and exciting international scene that’s worth visiting. 63 Latin American spots have set up shop, along with a myriad of African, Middle Easter and Caribbean. Locals love the arepas at La Fogata and the coffee ceremony at Nile Ethiopian, and there’s a similar choice for every 1,341 residents.

1. Miami, Florida

A melting pot of cultures, Miami is one delicious American city and boasts an amazing ratio of one exotic restaurant for every 1,252 locals. Mofongo and papusas are never in short supply with 187 Latin American spots. But don’t skip the 60 Caribbean and 61 South American restaurants, along with 62 others like Vietnamese and African. Spend just one day eating around the Florida state capitol and you’ll see why they call it Magic City.