The Statue of Liberty Needs a Trigger Warning

Lady Liberty’s in vogue and it’s driving conservatives wild.

Vogue Magazine posted its collector’s edition cover on Instagram Wednesday, featuring Jennifer Lawrence posing sultrily on a boat with the green lady in frame. Breitbart’s John Carney saw it as an act of culture war.

Carney interpreted the cover a direct response to Stephen Miller’s tet-a-tet with CNN’s Jim Acosta last week over the statue’s famous poem. Nevermind the fact that magazine covers are shot and scheduled weeks in advance, or that the cover story excerpt describes J-Law’s “freedom to be herself.” The way Carney saw it, the cover was another all-out assault on Donald Trump and his loyal, loving followers.

And almost immediately, statue-loving lefties (what with their inclusion-prioritizin’ and all) blew up his mentions like a balloon artist at Pickle’s Trump-themed birthday party.
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Carney, a professional editor who found himself triggered by the goddamn Statue of Liberty, said the liberal response proved that the statue’s appearance on the photo shoot was a political issue.

Carney cited examples of left-wing media intentionally using the statue to illustrate Trump’s danger to the United States before then criticizing the “humorless (sic) of the left.” Eventually, he settled on the inevitable conclusion that the liberal mob, not he, was triggered by the statue.

Listen, maybe a pro-Trump counter-culture with #MAGA celebrities and movies and magazine covers would work. But for the sake of everyone’s delicate sensibilities, let’s leave the Statue of Liberty out of it.


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