"The Simpsons" Hit the Streets in Chile

Protests in Chile have been underway for almost a month. Sparked by rising transportation fares, the demonstrations expanded in size and scope to encompass opposition to rampant wealth inequality, poverty and rising costs of living. President and billionaire Sebastián Piñera instituted a curfew, halted the transit hike and reshuffled his cabinet hoping to quell the unrest, but Chileans are calling for his resignation and taking to the streets in force.

And so are The Simpsons.

Los Simpson chilenos is a Facebook group documenting all the protest signs featuring Simpsons characters and jokes—and there are a ton of them. Turns out The Simpsons are extremely popular across Latin America, and particularly in Chile. The country received a brief mention on the show during a 1995 episode, and Chile was the first to experience actual Duff beer during a promotion in 2015. Chileans were so excited for Homer Simpson’s favorite beer that knockoffs appeared across the country.

For political purposes, however, Chileans are using Simpsons characters and scenes to underscore their dissatisfaction with their government and its neoliberal policies. And also to point out how much they think Piñera sucks.


This whole damn system is wrong!


Can you imagine Chile without the government?


Give up? Never!


Piñera is not a dictator. He might be a thief, corrupt, a fugitive, a dictator. But he is NOT a good president. (h/t Eric Gugick)


Sebastián, you’re dumb as a rock and if a stranger offered to give you a ride somewhere you’d get in the car!


Have a little dignity #ResignPiñera