The Right's Nepotism Dream Team

Dunking on Hunter Biden was inevitable. Since he admitted to ABC News that he’s benefitted from obvious nepotism, hot takes about the former vice president’s son have poured in. Hopefully, it sparks a genuine conversation about how politicians irresponsibly wield power to enrich their children. But it won’t. Instead, the right will use Biden’s questionable board positions as a cudgel against his father’s presidential campaign. And when it comes to nepotism, the absolute best takes come from folks who know it best.

Meghan McCain

McCain, perhaps the worst case of political nepotism in modern American history, said on The View that Biden was wrong in part because he admitted his own nepotism. The right way to go about it is to simply mention your senator/war hero father over and over again to cover up your bad opinions. The Michael Brooks Show and others have aptly referred to McCain as a walking campaign for an estate tax, and she habitually proves that label right.

Rand Paul

The senator (and son of longtime senator Ron Paul) offered up his criticism of Hunter Biden on MSNBC Tuesday, calling for an investigation. But when the topic moved to President Trump’s children, Paul said it would lead down a road of “political self-destruction.” “Criminalize all politicians on both sides of the aisle and go after their families, we can do that,” Paul said. Sounds great. Take a number.

Ronna Romney McDaniel

McDaniel sent out this whopper of a tweet about Hunter Biden.

Of course, no mention of parlaying her father’s connections into becoming GOP chairwoman and subsequently stabbing her own father in the back by supporting a president who’s consistently undermined and humiliated him. That’s politics, baby.

Donald Trump Jr.

Junior just can’t stay out of a fray when things get messy.

He’s cracked wise about Hunter Biden several times, either purposefully ignoring or completely unaware of the fact that his entire existence and public persona hinges upon his father’s. Outside of co-hosting a few episodes of The Apprentice, he’s accomplished roughly nothing in his adult life and has been rewarded handsomely for it. The difference between Trump and the other people on this list is that their fathers actually love them.