The Oddest Moments of Kim Dotcom’s Online Life

It looks like Kim Dotcom is coming to America. This week, the Megaupload founder and New Zealand-based internet celebrity lost his latest legal bid to avoid extradition to the U.S. to face criminal charges.

Dotcom’s file sharing site Megaupload, once the 13th most popular site on the internet, was shut down in 2012 after U.S. prosecutors claimed its $175 million profits was mainly due to people using the site to illegally download songs, television shows and movies.

Before and during his legal troubles, Dotcom has kept a high profile on the internet. The larger than life figure is an aggressive self-promoter with seemingly unlimited resources and questionable tastes. He’s also physically enormous and German, which make him impossible to not watch. He’s like Eric Cartman gone Eurotrash.

Here are four of his oddest moments.

The Music Videos

In 2014, Dotcom released Good Times, an album of original electronic dance music. It’s off the shelf Euro-house music, but the real draw here is the videos Dotcom made for them. He spared no expense for “The Good Life” video. Swooping helicopter shots capture images of bikini-clad women, Dotcom’s enormous yacht and, for some reason, a stormtrooper riding a jet ski.

The Conspiracy Theories

Dotcom is a leading proponent of a conspiracy theory claiming that murdered Democratic operative Seth Rich leaked the Hillary Clinton campaign emails to WikiLeaks and not Russian hackers. While promoting the theory, he’s hassled working reporters and threatened legal action against Rich’s parents.

The Scarface Video

Look, there’s a strong argument the 2012 raid on Dotcom’s New Zealand mansion was excessive. But you know what else would be excessive? Editing your enormous German head onto Tony Montana’s body during the “say hello to my little friend” scene in Scarface (wait for the “alternative ending”).

Entering Politics via “Comedy”

Like other gaudy rich men before him, Dotcom entered politics. He launched his “Internet Party” with a Barack Obama impersonator and an long list of lazy Lord of the Rings jokes.