The Nude Party’s Instagram Videos Will Keep You Sane

The Nude Party knows how to have a good time, even while isolated on their small farm in upstate New York—as you can see on their Instagram. From streaming live sessions in the basement and backyard to making silly cooking videos, they’re staying on the lighter side of things.

And their newest quarantine series is keeping their fun reputation alive and thriving.

“We started this latest series because we’re all quarantining in a house together, and since we lost all of our jobs and stuff we have time on our hands,” director Bryan Janiczek tells BTRtoday. “It’s a fun thing to do with your time.”

The six-party rockers that make up The Nude Party always show the world how to rage, whether you’re physically there with them or just watching the fun unfold online. They were the party starters in their hometown as mountain boys of Boone, N.C. and they still know how to bring down the house in their home in Livingston, N.Y. And they still show NYC how to liven up when they’re in town. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch one of their live shows or even just met them at a bar, you know what I’m talking about.

BTRtoday has had tons of wild times with these boys.

Now, the six are quarantined together with some significant others and friends surrounded by their beloved chickens, ducks, goats, and cats. Janiczek, an NYC-based videographer, is a friend of the band and was able to isolate with the rockers. He worked at Root Studio after moving to NYC, but after getting into a gnarly skateboarding accident while touring with The Nude Party, he hasn’t been able to return to Root. Still, his love for filmmaking never slowed down.

“I love making videos and goofy skits [and] I started making them just because I wanted to,” Janiczek says.

Since being quarantined with the twangy rockers, he’s been making The Nude Party Quarantine series. The episodes so far feature members of the band playing facetious characters, like stoners, mobsters, and even the beloved country musician character Derek Skoal—brought to life by The Nude Party guitarist Shaun Couture.

Skoal is a Janiczek creation and has been a longtime character in The Nude Party household, so he was a natural starting point for the first episode of their quarantine series. Now, with six amazing episodes under their belt, the series has blossomed into a masterpiece.

“It usually starts with a general idea and then we go back and forth on what could be funny and what could work—sometimes that’s the best part because we just come up with ridiculous shit,” Janiczek says. “It’s fun to use your imagination.”

The latest episode features the band playing mafia families competing over the frozen pizza market with a one-ply toilet paper fiasco thrown into the mix. And as silly as it may seem, it’s no joke to these boys. Though they have zero budget, the six-minute episodes end up looking like a professional sketch comedy piece.

“Editing is really fun too,” Janiczek adds. “I like to add ridiculous sound effects—my favorite part about making them is all the laughing that happens while we do it.”

The Nude Party says they’re currently working on new music to hopefully follow up their 2018 self-titled debut album. And though the band’s tour with Boa this year had to be canceled due to COVID-19, you can still spend some good quality time laughing with them. Follow The Nude Party on Instagram and laugh your way through the neon rainbow with them.


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