The Nude Party Brought NYC to London

I landed in London on Thursday, jet lagged to hell. I badly needed a bed. But instead, I headed to a pub in Brixton.

I was in U.K. for the weekend’s All Points East festival. The Nude Party was playing a Brixton pub called Windmill Brixton that first night in the Queen’s land, which also happened to be my birthday. Despite my jetlag, I couldn’t pass up an epic night of debauchery and rock ‘n’ roll with some of the best American boys I know.

When I walked into the Windmill with my two traveling buddies, Nude Party singer and guitarist Shaun Couture greeted us with a glowing smile. “It’s so weird to see you guys in London,” he said while giving us all hugs. “It’s like we never even left New York.” He was right. The entire evening felt like a NYC night—just your basic night of rock ‘n’ roll, booze, drugs, cigarettes, old and new friends and ending up at somebody’s apartment partying until the wee hours of the morning.

The pub was packed. While the proper English folk kept their cool, I had no intention of doing the same. I rushed to the front of the crowd and danced like an idiot.

“Chevrolet Van” and “Feels Alright” got the crowd loose, and me headbanging. And the encore song, “Wild Coyote,” got everyone howling like wild animals to the moon. Midway through the set, Shaun got on the mic to give me a nice birthday shoutout. Both the boys and the audience ended the show drenched in sweat.

I missed The Nude Party’s set the next night due to a jet lag-induced three-hour nap. Thank god they were also playing and partying at the festival.

The Nude Party was the first band playing the festival on Saturday. Thanks to headliners The Strokes, it was the only day of the festival that sold out (read more about it here). When I got there, I bumped into Shaun and Connor Mikita (drums) while watching Parquet Courts. We shared rosé and Shaun taught us his signature rockstar pose of keeping one finger in his back pocket. It’s perfect for looking cool but staying silly.

Soon after, percussionist Brose found me and we started searching for food. I hadn’t eaten all day and was already wine drunk, so I was hangry. Halfway through our quest, I fell to the ground frustrated with the long lines and had to be coaxed into pressing on for the cheesy fries we’d eventually get.

We picnicked under a tree before parting ways. After that, I didn’t see any of the nude boys until The Raconteurs started. The boys were in the VIP section and while I didn’t have VIP access, Connor leaves no man (or woman) behind. He convinced the security guard I was his sister so I could join the rest of the party rockers.

But I wasn’t the only snuck-in sister. Right before Connor pulled the sibling card with me, Shaun claimed someone else was his sister and needed VIP access. That explained why the security guard gave us such a disapproving look. So, if anyone asks, The Nude Party boys all have sisters.

We shared some free ciders and bounced around to different stages for the rest of the festival. By the end of it all we lost each other, but everyone was ready to crash anyway. The Nude Party had to wake up bright and early to travel to Brussels for the next show on their European tour. (Catch them back in the U.S. for their West Coast tour in August.)