The Movie Trailers that Made 2019

When movie trailers dropped, BTRtoday was there to catch them. Here’s a look back at our first looks at some of the most surprising moments in movies from 2019.

Hollywood’s New Idea is Remaking Superbad Over and Over

Trailers for Booksmart and Good Boys dropping on the same day doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Trailer Spotlights Tarantino’s Worst Tendencies

The one-time video store clerk has consumed mountains of pop culture. At some point, that voracious obsession consumed him.

The Lion King Trailer Sucks And I Hate It

It looks like Disney has decided there’s less money in defining American childhoods than in ruining them.

Joker Breaks the Superhero Mold

Joaquin Phoenix’s creepy performance gives the villain the movie—er, trailer—he deserves.

Hollywood Doesn’t Think Girls Can Handle Punk Rock

Not all punk rock girls are crazy and doped up but you’d never know that from the movies.

Five Things to Hate About the Final Star Wars Trailer

Not sure what to get angry at? We’ve got you covered.