The Most Read BTRtoday Stories of 2017

Orange is the New Black Season 5 is The Ultimate Revenge Fantasy

You see a flaccid penis in the first 15 minutes of” Orange is the New Black” season five. It’s limp and covered in blood—the opposite of the usual (rare) depiction of male genitalia on-screen, which is hard cocks and muscled specimens. It epitomizes what this season is about: flipping the script of gendered violence.

Screenshot from OITNB season 5

Five Killer Back Pain Combating Exercises

Strengthening and stretching can alleviate backaches as well as improve overall athletic ability and everyday comfort. According to Ginna Ellis, “Pain and injuries often stem from muscle imbalances—one muscle is short and tight, and its antagonist is stretched or weakened.”

Photo courtesy of Scott Webb, via Pexels


Young Rock Fans Still Love Dylan—But Just the Early Stuff

Nearly all rock fans go through a Bob Dylan phase. If you don’t, you’ve most likely experienced it through a close friend or family member—it’s usually the person awkwardly experimenting with wearing sunglasses indoors or something like that. What I have observed as a ‘90s-baby that has gone through this phase, is that you don’t really come out of it still a fan.

Photo courtesy of Alberto Cabello, via Wikimedia Commons


Are You Running Less Than You Think?

I went from running ten-twenty unspecific and unrecorded miles a week, to slowly increasing and recording my mileage on a Google Doc. I thought I was putting in the work to be able to perform well on race day but the Google Doc woke me up to the cold reality about my training. With an unimpressive three hours a week of running, I was vastly and chronically under-trained.

Photo courtesy of Cat Bradley


Should I Care if Louis CK is a Pervert?

Louis C.K’s dick jokes are legendary. It’s what he might have done with his dick offstage that’s problematic. Rumors of C.K.’s sexual misconduct aren’t new but resurfaced last week when fellow comedian Tig Notaro discussed the second season of her show One Mississippi with The Daily Beast.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Moreno, via Wikimedia Commons


The Most Important Male Nudity on TV

Penises are popping on TV these days—but what’s really being exposed? The male gaze is real and it wants to see women ravished and exposed. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen an upsurge in phallic television.

Screenshots courtesy HBO GO


Meet Heavy Metal Healthcare Advocate Tim Faust

Faust’s talks are generous in details about the failures underpinning America’s healthcare system. But they’re also engaging, funny and driven by urgent moral clarity.

Photo by Adam Bulger


The Grateful Dead’s Legacy of Awful Music

In honor of the new documentary on The Dead, we revisited the band’s music. Now we have a lot of regrets.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Joss Whedon Doesn’t Deserve a New Teenage Superheroine

When Whedon made Buffy, she was a radical female figure. Whedon, too, became a feminist icon. The world has since changed. But he hasn’t evolved.

Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons


The Last Think Tank on the Left

Bernie Sanders came within a whiff of winning the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. His campaign roused voters and unlocked enthusiasm for progressive policies few thought were viable on a national political level. But he needed help that didn’t yet exist. The People’s Policy Project aims to fill that policy gap.

Screen shot courtesy of People’s Policy Project


It Was A Real Nude Party At Send It Week

This is the kind of story you don’t take home to mama.

Photo by Elena Childers