The Most Cringeworthy #ObamaWasBetterAt Tweets

The hashtag #ObamaWasBetterAt caught fire on Twitter this morning, prompting users to share starry-eyed reflections about the 44th president. Obama’s presidency was historic and meaningful. As America’s first black president, he empowered many Americans to feel good about their country. But he also ignored and/or papered over America’s deep systemic issues, many of which led us to Trump. Surely Twitter users can recognize that nuance, right?

Uh, no. Guess not. This is the classic liberal trope of thinking Trump is the root of America’s problems and not merely symptom of them. That works great on Twitter, where understanding historical context and critical thought aren’t required.

Wait, how can someone be “better” at having a higher IQ? Don’t you just have a higher IQ? Including quotes about Trump’s lack of intelligence is actually kind of funny, but the song attached is liberal cringe in its purest form.

I mean, yeah, sure. Obama’s a more empathetic person than Trump. But crawling on the floor with a baby doesn’t show humanity—it shows Obama was better at photo ops. It inspired me to imagine Trump stumbling over himself trying to get down on all fours, which is hilarious.

We’ve made our thoughts on reaction GIFs very clear, and the Obama mic drop might be the worst one of all. The only way this post could get any dumber is if someone substituted it for a completely unrelated gif.


Again, true—Obama looks better in a tuxedo and comports himself in a more dignified manner amongst high society. But there’s no reason to pile on the big guy because dumb British traditions forced him to wear the Ask Jeeves butler’s tux. Trump is a big fat body positivity icon and he owns that weight like the emperor penguin he is.

After all the Jeffrey Epstein drama from the last week, maybe Sue in Rockville can reword this one. This tweet is begging to be hyperlinked in an 8chan conspiracy post.

Although they lack perspective and are generally awful, #ObamaWasBetterAt posts are harmless. It’s fine to look fondly back on pre-Trump America and fawn over the former president who makes Trump look like a fumbling, overweight old buffoon. Surely Trump will react to these posts positively and won’t turn them into a chance to belittle Obama and cringe-posting liberals even further. Obama may be better, but Trump has Melania to remind him to Be Best.