The Moodiest of Fiona Apple: A Playlist

Fiona Apple is the queen of beautiful moodiness. Selecting her “moodiest” tracks isn’t an easy task.

If puberty’s emotional rollercoaster had a soundtrack, it would be made up of mostly Fiona Apple songs. So Apple releasing a brand new album during a worldwide pandemic after a nearly decade-long hiatus is just so perfectly her. Going through her own musical journey and exploration of her discography feels therapeutic during a time like this.

Below, we picked out a couple of tracks from each of her albums, including her newest Fetch the Bolt Cutters, that are so magically moody they needed to captured be in one emotional playlist. Enjoy and keep your tissues nearby.

Tidal (1996)

Apple’s debut album laid the foundation for her emotional music. Every track instantly conveyed that we were dealing with a musician unafraid to wear her emotions on her sleeve. It was difficult to pick out the moodiest from this album, but we think “The Child Is Gone” and “Slow Like Honey” are the most relatable and give you chills down your back no matter how many times you hear them.

“The Child Is Gone”

“Slow Like Honey”


When the Pawn… (1999)

Though still bursting with that signature Apple moodiness, her sophomore album wasn’t as melancholic as the debut. When the Pawn (which is actually an abbreviation to a much longer album name) still lyrically hits you right in the feels, but the melodies were picked up a notch. Except for these two tunes, which make your eyes watery.

“Love Ridden”

“I Know”


Extraordinary Machine (2005)

Apple’s third album was a perfect combo of her kicked-up melodies, heart-wrenching robust vocals, and a little extra experimentation. She combines upbeat tempos with slower speak-singing, and each track makes your heart jump into your throat. “Parting Gift” and “Red Red Red” were definitely the most underrated emotional tracks of the album.


“Parting Gift”


“Red Red Red”


The Idler Wheel… (2012)

Another Apple release famously abbreviated due to its lengthy title, there’s no underrating of this album. It was nominated at the Grammys for Best Alternative Album and several of its tracks were ranked among Rolling Stone and Pitchfork’s best of 2012. So we’re not alone in saying our favorites to get emotional to are “Every Single Night” and “Largo.”

“Every Single Night”




Fetch the Bolt Cutters (2020)

Apple’s newest album has become the new soundtrack to our outbursting emotions and teetering mental state while we’re all isolated in quarantine. In this album, Apple has perfected her sound and given it a fresh kick. Moody as ever and yet also empowering, Fetch the Bolt Cutters is already a fan and media favorite. The tracks our unstable hearts yearn for the most? “Reck of His” and “Drumset”—they really touch on a relatable level of sadness, while also stirring up a self-confidence we all have deep down within.

“Reck of His”