The Logan Paul Fight Was as Dumb as You Thought It’d Be

Logan Paul’s annoying even when he’s getting beaten up.

The 22-year-old content-monger boxed fellow YouTube star KSI in Manchester, England on Saturday night. The fight was the culmination of months of beef and hype between the two microblogging celebrities. The fight ended in a draw. For anyone who understood that the bout wasn’t a fight so much as an enormous, stupid grift, the fight’s conclusion was as predictable as a sunrise.

The Washington Post reported that 800,000 people paid $10 apiece to watch the fight live on YouTube. Considering the viewers watching live on Twitch and Twitter, it’s safe to assume over a million people watched these two schmucks fight.

Paul and KSI (Olajide William Olatunji) aren’t anywhere close to professional fighters, but they were both paid like Floyd Mayweather. The Daily Star reported the fight purse totalled more than $175 million to be split evenly between the two. All for a glorified sparring match with headgear.

But aside from collecting a massive payday, all Paul and KSI accomplished was bringing their internet beef into real life. At a certain point, calling someone out on the internet gets boring, so Paul and KSI made their beef real. And they monetized the hell out of it.

Any idiot who shilled the $10 fee to watch this begrudge match is a sucker. Anyone with half a brain could have foreseen it would end in a draw and that there would be a rematch. Afterward, Paul was contrite, thanking KSI for “saving his career” and giving him something to focus on after his suicide forest incident. But it was more than just that for Paul, who needed to distract his endless hordes of prepubescent fans by doing something semi-interesting.

Paul also said after the bout that he and KSI should “give the people what they want” and fight again, as if that weren’t already planned months ago. That match will likely end in a draw, too, as will all further pillow fights between YouTubers who rely on their face and online reputation. It’s the same business model YouTube stars like Paul and KSI have perfected—keep greasing the suckers into paying for nonsense until they grow up and realize how dumb this all was.