The Least Exciting Tweets of E3 2018

While gamers across America eagerly watched the game trailers this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo produced, E3 2018 seemed pretty dull as an event. The video game convention didn’t offer any redefining technological innovations or big announcements.

Media coverage of the conference accidentally formed arguments against its continuing existence. Business Insider’s story about how Nintendo “blew the lid off” the annual video game exhibit by showing pre-recorded videos about soon-to-be-released products implied gamers would be better off watching game trailers online instead of bothering to go to a convention.

The social media trail left by the event was likewise flat. I skipped through the hashtag #E32018 looking for highlights but didn’t find any. Below is what I found instead.

It’s funny that the caption mentions family because imagine all the heavy lifting you’d have to do to explain the photo to your dad, starting with the definition of “cosplay.”

Arby’s is delicious but this is inscrutable. I was going to make a joke about their social media team being high but maybe they had some kind of psychotic break mid-post.

The Head of Sales & Marketing at Nintendo of America is named “Bowser,” like the villain in Super Mario Brothers. That coincidence was enough to convince almost 300 people to retweet a picture of him posing with Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai.

Juxtaposing child-friendly video game characters with sexiness is supposed to be a joke but it’s almost always more revealing about the joke-maker’s sexual pathologies than funny.

I don’t know the circumstances behind this photo but want to believe Soulja Boy and Ali Saba are really friends who, perhaps, met through online gaming.

I don’t want to make the same comment about the underlying sexual pathology of gamer jokes twice in one story but come on.

Look at these goofballs over here. That’s not a game. It’s soap!