The Internet Loves Bérnié—the People's Perfume

If you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter who’s already volunteering for the campaign, donating and doing everything you can to help, but it still doesn’t feel enough, don’t fret—now you can smell like the movement.

It’s clear that Bernie is the candidate that wins the internet. His supporters’ meme game is the #dankest, Bernie GIFs are perfect to help any young voter get their point across and now we have Bérnié—the People’s Perfume.

With no affiliation to the campaign, comedy director Amber Schaefer and a group of volunteers/Bernie supporters created this ad simply because they wanted to spread the word of Bernie. It’s equally hilarious as it is informative. And the internet absolutely loves it.

Twitter blew up with reactions to the video and their Instagram handle already has over 200k followers. Their website is built like an actual site to purchase a fancy perfume, with the tagline, “Live the sweetness of democratic socialism with the new Eau de Toilette for not me us.” When you go to click on a “scent,” like “Eau de College for All” or “Eau de Women’s Rights” you get redirected to a donation page for Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

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People wish it was a real scent. Who doesn’t want to respond to the question of, “Wow, what perfume are you wearing?” with “Oh, this is Eau de Eliminating Medical Debt for All by Bérnié!”

And of course, people are already imagining what this would actually smell like.

One Twitter user even related directly when the perfume ad burned a student loan bill from a very real life lender.

And, of course, some Bernie fans took this as an opportunity to get punny.