The Indie Music We’re Most Excited for in 2020

The new decade is getting off to a good start.

Last year may not have been the best year, considering its political mayhem. With what’s coming out in 2020, it seems things might be looking up. Nothing can stop great bands from doing what they do best, not even an absurd government.

We’re dying with anticipation for the new music coming our way in 2020 from bands like Thick, Habibi and Nada Surf and many more.

Most of this news came straight from the band’s mouth, and many didn’t know exact release dates or album titles—but it’s only January first, so that’s expected. They all promise their new music is gonna be sick .

So check out the list below (in alphabetical order) and get excited.

The Advertisers, TBD (summer)
We should all be excited for the debut album of bluesy and boozy rockers from NYC.

The Advertisers, live at Meltasia 2019

Ashejesus, TBD
The melodies from the new Brooklyn garage band Ashejesus are dark and gritty and the vocals are a force to be reckoned with.

Bambara, Stray (2/14)
Here are some of my favorite dark and eerie storytellers. I know they won’t disappoint.

Bambara, “Sing Me to the Street”

Bananagun, Out of Reach (2/28)
Bananagun are an Australian psych/garage rock that’ll keep your life trippy and hippy.

Bee Bee Sea, TBD
These rowdy Italian rockers smack you hard in the face with killer tunes.

Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, TBD (March)
If you’re looking for upbeat/empowering metal, look no further than Ben Katzman and his new astrology-inspired album slated to be released by the producers of Rick & Morty’s label Starburns Industries.

Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, “Florida Man”

Bipolar, 1-800-CALL-ICE (TBD)
An epic band of NYC punks from around the world that don’t give any fucks. They will spit in your face and you will like it.

Breanna Barbara, TBD
The most angelic voice you’ve ever heard is experimenting in synth and bolder instrumentation—super excited for this one.

The Cowmen, TBD 
Brooklyn-based cow punk The Cowmen play heavy rock ‘n’ roll and are super fun to see live.

The Cuckoos, I Hate Love (1/17)
The young and fresh garage rock band The Cuckoos release their debut album.

Gritty NYC punk rock keeping the DIY scene alive.

The Deadnotes, Courage (2/14)
Sarcastic indie pop-punk rockers to keep you smiling and head-banging.

The Deadnotes, “Hopeless Romantic”

Dropper, TBD
My current favorite NYC artist—this girl will blow your mind with her voice and empower you with her catchy in-your-face melodies.

The Duke of Surl, TBD
Fun, surfy indie rock that’s uber relatable.

Extra Special, TBD
Anything can happen with the solo debut of Grim Streaker’s wild woman/frontwoman, Amelia Bushell.

Frankie & the Witch Fingers, TBD
Some of our favorite psych-rockers keeping us trippy no matter what.

Gesserit, TBD
Sludgy and dark rock ‘n’ roll from NYC.

Ghost Funk Orchestra, An Ode to Escapism (fall)
These rockers really know how to get a room dancing.

Habibi, Anywhere But Here (2/14)
These beloved indie babes haven’t released a full-length since 2013, so we’re all more than ready for this.

Habibi, “Come My Habibi”

High Waisted, TBD (May)
Glitter surf rockers High Waisted wrote the book on how to party.

HOLY, All These Words Are Yours (2/28)
We can never get enough of some Swedish glam psych rock.

Lola Pistola, EP (Feb/March)
Lola being very indecisive with the EP name, but not about her music—she knows they’re kickass thrashers.

Lumps, TBD
Always fun and always catchy NYC garage rock.

The Makeout Club, TBD
Futuristic dream punk that’ll space your mind out in the best way possible.

Max Pain & the Groovies, EP (TBD)
BTR has partied with these bad boys before and we’re more than stoked on some new stuff from the psych garage rockers.

The Medium, TBD
Another group BTR has had the pleasure of partying with, this sweet Nashville quartet makes some of the best songs that will get stuck in your head.

The Medium, “The Good ‘ol Days”

Microwave Mountain, TBD
Gritty Nashville garage that soothes the soul.

Nada Surf, Never Not Together (2/7)
Emotional indie rock you can get lost in.

Native Sun, single (2/7) / LP (TBD)
The most lovable punk rockers whose music is more invigorating than a slap in the face.

P.E., Person (3/6)
The debut of self-described “art-punks” dedicated to “freaky experimentation”—what can be more exciting than that?

Playboy Manbaby, TBD
These are some indie rockers who are just trying to play some music and have a good time.

PONY, TBD (spring)
Self-described as “emotive glitter power pop,” the debut full-length from these guys should be a good one.

PowerSnap, EP (early 2020)
NYC-base garage thrashers that’ll rock your world.

The Rizzos, How It Was (spring)
They might look innocent, but they’ll rip you to shreds with their riffs and bold vocals.

ShitKid, Duo Limbo/”Mellan himmel å helvete” (1/24)
Her first album to have songs in her native language of Swedish is sure to be just as badass and gritty.

ShitKid album trailer

Sloppy Jane, TBD (late 2020)
The name is still secret, but we know this album was recorded in a cave.  That’s enough to make us need more.

Sun Voyager, TBD
Spacey metal is alive and thriving with Sun Voyager.

Tall Juan, TBD (early 2020)
Acoustic punk rocker Tall Juan just hit us with classic Spanish cumbia covers, so who knows what he’s up to next? It’s sure to be exciting though.

Thick, LP (spring)
This is the pop-punk album the world didn’t know they’ve been waiting for. Plus, it’s the trio’s debut on epitaph records.

TVOD, TBD (summer)
The front-woman of Thick actually plays guitar in this, so we already know it’s going to rock.

Veronica Bianqui, TBD 
Amazing vocals and romantic musicianship that’ll have you swooning.

Waltzer, single (2/7)
More powerful vocals and kickass melodies by Chicago’s Waltzer.

Wicked Willow, EP (1/1)
The debut true-blue rocker with a metal twist coming at you with their debut and it’s sure to make your ears bleed.