The Hits And Misses of 2018’s Grammy Award Nominations

Why the heck is “Despacito” on here multiple times?

The Grammy nominations for the 2018 Grammies are in and mostly dumb. Who put these people in charge? I understand that Beyoncé deserves a trophy for everything she puts out, I am 100 percent on board with that, but most of the time The Grammy Awards is strictly a popularity contest.

For instance, “Despacito” is nominated for Record of The Year, Song of The Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. It’s not even the original track, it’s the one featuring Justin Bieber, who was caught saying “I ate the burrito” live on stage when he forgot the Spanish lyrics.

Let’s be real. That song is only nominated because you couldn’t escape it. Did you need to buy a quick scarf from H&M on your way to work because your neck was chilly? “Despacito” was blasting in your ears.

Also, why the heckin’ heck is Taylor Swift still in the “country music” section? I thought the world had decided she was definitely not country music. Did I miss the memo? At least they didn’t put her in the “American Roots” section—that one seems like the real country music section with oldies but goodies like Glen Campbell and Leonard Cohen.

With all these annoying things in mind, I still can’t help but think what an honor it must feel like for these bands to get nominated—at least the ones who really deserve it. Like, the ones who have worked really hard on their albums and aren’t just releasing it to make money.

For example, Pittsburgh-band Code Orange were nominated for Best Metal Performance. I’ve known these guys since high school, back when they went by The Code Orange Kids. Well, they aren’t kids anymore and they truly deserve this nomination. While I’m not really a metalhead or hardcore-punk fan, I can say with full confidence these guys put all of their heart and soul into what they do.

When I see a band like that get nominated, if gives me some hope for the Grammy Awards. Maybe they do have some people on the streets actually looking for real talent, instead of just judges looking down from their ivory tower.

Childish Gambino is another nomination I can agree with. Though in my book he’s still bunched in with the popularity contest nominees, he actually seems like he cared about what he was doing—and you can hear it in his album Redbone. He’s strayed from his comfort zone of hip-hop and tried out something else he’s passionate about, R&B. He ignored the societal influences and followed his heart, and it turned out amazingly.

Overall, the Grammy Awards are pretty stupid and don’t really tell for true talent. But there’s some nominees that sound pretty promising—we’re gonna keep our eyes on this “Bernie Sanders” guy nominated for spoken word performance.

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