The Handmaid’s Tale: Are You Team Nick or Team Luke?

The Handmaid’s Tale’s love triangle has so many twists and turns that calling it a triangle doesn’t seem right. it’s more like a love scribble. So who do you think June should end up with?

If you’re reading this, you’re already hooked on The Handmaid’s Tale, a show set in a bleak future where misogynists have taken over America and women are cruelly subjugated. The love triangle is like a messy RomCom popping up in the middle of a serious work of art. The show’s heroine June is torn between her absent husband Luke and Gilead secret police, Nick. Her constant loving flashbacks to her old life with Luke shows she still loves him. But she also seems to love Nick, sneaking kisses and intimate touches on the sly and risking her life just to see him.

When she’s right on the edge of giving up, she thinks back on her life with Luke for strength. But while she’s on that same edge, it’s Nick who comes through in real life and gives her hope. They both help her soldier on, but who the hell are we supposed to root for June to end up with?

The only way I can think of figuring this out is to revert to my middle school ways of creating a pros and cons list. Here’s the result. Be forewarned: there may be spoilers.



June fell in love with Luke during normal circumstances, unlike Nick, without life or death urgency coercing them into growing closer.

Luke never gave up on June. While in Asylum in Canada, he worked tirelessly to help her.

He is the father of their daughter Hannah, who he is also trying to save while he’s in asylum.

He took in June’s best friend, Moira, after she escaped Gilead and helped her return to a normal life.

He has stayed loyal to June.

He confronts Commander Waterford like a mf boss.

June has so many beautiful memories with Luke.

He’s a total babe.

He can never truly understand the shit June has been through or is going through right now.

He freaking left June and Hannah in Gilead—unintentionally, but they’re there and he’s not, and that’s that.

Gilead isn’t changing Luke the same way it’s changing June. She had a chance to run as Luke did, but June chose to stay in Gilead to fight. That will probably always be a looming thought in June’s head, even if they somehow end up safely back together as a family.

Their relationship rose out of infidelity, which is a con for any relationship.


Nick constantly risks his life for June.

Their love flourished under the most strenuous of circumstances, which some could argue makes it stronger.

Nick has a better understanding of what June’s suffering in Gilead.

Nick met Luke, and instead of being the huffy puffy jealous type, he told Luke about June’s status and gave him the letters of other Handmaid’s that were then published and helped further the cause against Gilead.

He’s the father of June’s newest daughter Nicole, who he helped to smuggle out of Gilead.

He’s a total babe.

Since they met under extreme circumstances, Nick and June’s love could stem from Stockholm syndrome. And while Nick’s affection for June seems sincere, there’s also a troubling power dynamic. With one word, he could have her carted off to her death.

Nick and June first have sex because Commander Waterford’s wife Serena Joy arranged for June to get pregnant for Joy’s benefit. So, really, Nick agreed to basically rape June. It wasn’t technically consensual sex, but really non-consensual because June didn’t actually have a choice in the matter.

Nick is an Eye of Gilead, so he had to work his way up in the ranks, which means he was part of the problem from the start.

Whether you’re on Team Luke or Team Nick, let’s be honest—what woman from Gilead is going to want any man after living through this shit? If I were June, I’d choose team Moira, who at least knows what June’s been through and has always stuck by her side. Even though the actress playing her, Samira Wiley seems to be Team Luke.