The Girl Who Called Owen Shroyer an Idiot is my New Hero

Every so often, a hero we couldn’t possibly have seen coming arises.

That’s a girl at an anti-Trump protest dunking on InfoWars reporter/yeller/shit stain Owen Shroyer with Vince Carter-level savagery.

After shaking off an insulting intro—”how are you today, young man?”—the girl cuts to the chase and lays the smackdown. But is he an idiot for assuming she’s a boy or because he’s an antagonistic asshole?

Either way, the answer is yes.

The above clip is from a larger “Ultimate Highlights” video of Shroyer pwning beta male cucks and pussyhat witches at anti-Trump events. It begins with him basking in liberal chants before screaming about communism, complaining about radicals and calling protesters fascists.

Problem is, Shroyer was just too good at destroying regular lefty losers. He needed to set his sights on the youth to really challenge his alpha-gorilla mind.

That’s what makes this clip all the more chef-kiss worthy. We don’t deserve this girl. Her simple thrashing of this pseudo-moralistic dirtbag made my day. It got even better when she identified herself on Twitter, revealing a feed of liberal memes and jokes that would make any Chapo Trap House listener proud. She soon deleted her account for fear of being doxxed by the alt-right underbelly, but in doing so she beat them again. She’s forever my hero.

After watching this approximately 12,573 times, I still can’t decide on my favorite part of the video. There are so many amazing moments, like when she clearly takes a picture of him, or her casual walk off after flipping off the camera at the end. Even the live performance of “It Don’t Mean a Thing” in the background is on point.

But it’s probably Shroyer feigning ignorance as to why she cussed him out. “Where did you learn that foul language?” he asks, as if no 12-year-old has ever uttered the word “fuck” before. The girl outdoes herself, cheekily adding that she learned it from her mother “in the car.” After she flips him off, Shroyer peppers in a pathetic “oh my goodness,” forgetting that the people he’s interviewing are supposed to be the snowflakes.

After the clip went viral, Shroyer responded by doubling down on his shock. He also made a point of saying the girl didn’t beat him in a debate, which is kind of like getting kicked in the groin and bragging that you didn’t also get kicked in the face. InfoWars frontman/large human potato Alex Jones couldn’t resist the chance to trash a child, calling the girl a “thug woman” and saying she sounded like “John Belushi on PCP” (which is particularly odd consider the Animal House star’s well documented love for cocaine).

It’s a response that perfectly embodies the hypocritical InfoWars worldview. They’re ruthless warriors of truth capable of turning into hapless insult-slinging victims the moment they’re called out by a kid. Alex Jones is willing to attack and discredit Sandy Hook parents and outspoken liberal teenagers, but once the tables are turned he flails his arms and cries persecution. Shroyer is basically Jones-lite, focusing his energy on #MAGA patriotism, exposing deep state conspiracies and poking fun at liberal snowflakes. (He’d read that last sentence as a glowing compliment).

Take a little heat from a preteen, though, and it’s as if all that divisive hate mongering never existed.

What a fucking idiot.