The Fake Kamala Harris Controversy You Probably Missed

Long weekends are great. They’re something the look forward to all week leading up to them and make the following work week shorter. They’re perfect for short vacations, get togethers, cookouts, or just plain relaxing. Everyone can appreciate a little extra time, and when the holiday is somber (like Memorial Day), we can use it to reflect and celebrate.

Or, if you’re Vice President Kamala Harris, you can use it to accidentally enrage the right.

Harris’ tweet above, sent on Friday, immediately set off online conservatives. They wondered why she didn’t bother mentioning the reason for the long weekend, or acknowledging the United States military. She did so over the next several days and on Memorial Day itself, but it was far too late. A fresh fake conservative controversy was in full bloom.

Was Harris’ tweet the absolute best thing to post? Probably not, if only because she or someone on her team should have anticipated this response. But at worst it’s an inoffensive social media post, a passive remark from a public official (probably written and scheduled by a staffer) who is absolutely going to acknowledge Memorial Day. But that doesn’t make the right wing audacity or hypocrisy any less staggering. The enraged gun toting congresswoman and #StopTheSteal lawyer are simply doing their jobs. They’re working themselves into a lather over nothing to make Harris seem unpatriotic and underscore their love for both a.) America and b.) Donald Trump. The irony of attacking an innocuous tweet after Trump spent his entire presidency tweeting incendiary shit is likely lost on them.

But Jenna Ellis’ response is particularly ripe with sycophantic Trump worship. “We enjoyed having a president and VP who respected America’s heroes” she wrote, posting a picture of somber Trump in front of a wreath. But as several Twitter users quickly pointed out, Trump didn’t respect American servicemen and women at all. He did performatively, sure. But he also privately called Americans who died in war losers and suckers. Even Fox News confirmed that story. But no one had to confirm that Trump said former Arizona Sen. John McCain wasn’t a war hero. Or that Trump resisted flying the American flag at half staff when McCain died. He did those things right out in the open.

Many Twitter users called out the bullshit for what it was. Several media outlets picked it up once the post gained steam, but the only ones truly offended are exactly the ones you’d expect. Trump’s criticisms and blatant disrespect of military service members doesn’t make it okay to ignore wrongdoing by someone across the aisle. But there isn’t any wrongdoing at all on Harris’ part. Her tweet is akin to Barack Obama’s latte salute or the infamous tan suit incident—similar non-stories that frothed the conservative rage machine for days.

To already outraged conservatives, it’s an example of how Harris, and Biden by proxy, don’t respect the weight and significance of their positions. If only they’d paid attention to the rubes that came before them. (Or, if Trump’s deranged wishes come true, might come right after them.)