The Eagles Are The Best, and It’s The Worst

For a New York Giants fan, the Philadelphia Eagles are the worst sports franchise in America. Their fans are drunken lunatics, sore winners and barely deserve the city’s only championship in recent memory.

They’re also the perfect team to expose Donald Trump’s hypocrisy.

Trump cancelled the Eagles’ scheduled White House visit to score easy political points. He derided the team’s players as disrespectful anthem-kneelers. He announced that the Marine Corps Band would instead play in a ceremony for Eagles fans to “honor the country.” In one move, Trump villainized the NFL and its players, riled up his base and reignited the national anthem controversy. In his eyes, it was a win-win-win.

Except the Eagles are the exact opposite of disrespectful. Defensive end Chris Long donated his entire 2017 salary to educational equality. Safety Malcolm Jenkins is an outspoken proponent of criminal justice reform. Quarterback Carson Wentz recently pledged half-a-million dollars to build a sports complex in Haiti. Philadelphia players have done more good with their public profiles than the president ever has.

The only thing that matters to Trump are optics. Former Eagles’ wide receiver Torrey Smith confirmed that only a handful of players planned on attending anyway. So Trump petulantly uninvited the team, citing continuous disrespect toward the flag and country. When it was revealed that no Philadelphia player had actually kneeled during the national anthem this past season, Fox News did its best to spin.

The Eagles not only exposed the Trump administration (and Fox) for its lies, but made the president look downright ridiculous. In one statement, Jenkins proved more articulate and intelligent than any person in the White House. Eagles’ tight end Zach Ertz called out Fox News so succinctly, they deleted their propagandistic tweet. And the president’s national anthem ceremony (or whatever the hell it was) was filled with crisis acting Philly fans who couldn’t name their Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

Donald Trump is a divisive hypocrite and blew what should have been an easy chance to get a rise out of his loyal MAGA hat-wearing fans. Usually, any Philadelphia-hating sports fan relishes an opportunity to treat the Birds as villains. Instead, Trump’s lies and lame patriot party have forced me own up to a truth I would’ve otherwise denied. As painful as it is for a lifelong Giants fan to admit, the Eagles are pretty goddamn cool.