The Donald And the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on Twitter

Donald Trump has used the bully pulpit—aka his Twitter feed—to bash opponents, quarrel with private citizens and demean the media. His Twitter activity is disrespectful, childish, grammatically questionable and consistently amazing.

Today, however, Trump topped himself.

It all started at 6:32 a.m. when Trump, presumably over a fresh bowl of Cocoa Puffs, quote-tweeted his favorite cable news vanity mirror, Fox and Friends.

Is this approximately the 5,972nd time Donald Trump has parroted Fox and Friends? Yes. Does it affirm his own tweets from earlier this week that Fox News is essentially state media? Yes. Still, this exactly the kind of bad television taste and unhinged authoritarian behavior we expect from our tweeter-in-chief.

Someone must’ve left the Cocoa Puffs unattended, though, because Trump poured himself a couple extra bowls of crazy. The president retweeted three videos from the leader of Britain First, a far right (read: white supremacist) group known for rampant Islamophobia. Indeed, each video depicted Muslims doing crude and abhorrently violent things. (I’ve chosen not to link to the tweets here, but they’re actually on the Twitter feed of the President of the freaking United States. Seriously.). These tweets were even too much for Infowars employees. BBC reporter Anthony Zurcher summed it up:

For those keeping score at home, Trump 1.) posted explicit content by 2.) retweeting a hate group and 3.) antagonized an entire religion—all before 7 a.m. But was he done? Hell no! Moments later Trump tweeted about alleged fake news purveyor CNN boycotting the White House Christmas party and an oddly capitalized jaunt about the “Stock Market” and “Consumer Confidence.” How do you top that?

Accuse Joe Scarborough of murder.

Okay, Trump didn’t outright accuse his old cable news flame of murder, but he did suggest foul play regarding the 2001 death of one of Scarborough’s interns. Jumping off from Matt Lauer’s termination for sexual assault, Trump went to town on NBC—the same network that aired The Apprentice.

There’s no evidence linking Scarborough to Lori Klausutis’ death, but the conspiracy—like many of Trump’s tweets and supposed thoughts—originated in far right message boards and comment threads. Scarborough and his co-anchor/fiance Mika Brzezinski cozied up to Trump during primary season, but later opposed him. Today’s tweets all but confirm the bromance is dead; maybe Scarborough will muse about it on his next album.

By mid-morning Trump was back to his normal musings, tweeting about how amazing the economy has been since his election and how the North Korea situation “will be handled!”

If he approaches it like he does Twitter, we’re doomed.