The CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Should Look at These Jokes

Fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask in public. That’s the new CDC guidance, and for many, it’s thrilling. For more than a year we’ve worried about remembering our masks when we leave the house and keeping them on wherever we go. And now, for vaccinated folks at least, all that’s over. As the guidance reads, you can go back to doing the things you normally do.

To be clear, you should still wear your mask in public if you’re immunocompromised. Or if it makes you feel safe, or any other reason that’s compelling to you. There’s nothing wrong with continuing to wear one if that’s what you want to do. COVID-19 variants are still spreading and millions are still unvaccinated. Wearing a mask doesn’t hurt anyone—in fact, quite the opposite.

But since the official government agency in charge of this stuff says it’s okay to go without one, people are rightfully gonna celebrate. And on Twitter, people celebrate the only way they know how: the CDC announcement joke format. Is it hokey and played out at this point? Probably. But we’ll never have this moment again (hopefully, god, please), so we need to enjoy it—corny jokes and all.

First, let’s pay our respects to the TikTok anthem of the moment, courtesy of TikTok user @brandonfoley74.

Okay, wow. Chills. Here’s the rest of ’em.