The Burning Peppermints Leads BTRtoday’s Top 30 Albums List

1. The Burning Peppermints, Glittervomit (High Dive)

The Burning Peppermints “Mary Margaret” 

2. Speedy Ortiz, Twerp Verse (Carpark)
3. Neighbor Lady, Maybe Later (Friendship Fever)
4. Peach Kelli Pop, Gentle Leader (Mint)
5. Beach Skulls, Las Dunas (PNKSLM)
6. Las Rosas, Shadow By Your Side (Greenway)
7. Jennifer Castle, Angels Of Death (Paradise of Bachelors)
8. Animal Electricity, The Wilderness/Unfit For Man Or Beast (Eebus)
9. Tracyanne & Danny, s/t (Merge)
10. Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog (Saddle Creek)
11. Black Moth Super Rainbow, Panic Blooms (Rad Cult)
12. The Amazing, In Transit (Partisan)
13. Anemone, Baby Only You & I EP (Luminelle)
14. Jess Williamson, Cosmic Wink (Mexican Summer)
15. Ty Richards, Welcome To Flat Earth (Tremolo)
16. RF Shannon, Trickster Blues (Cosmic Dreamer)
17. Remember Sports, Slow Buzz (Father/Daughter)
18. Wax Chattels, s/t (Captured Tracks)
19. The Magic Numbers, Outsiders (Park The Van)
20. Yonatan Gat, Universalists (Joyful Noise)
21. Boys, Rest In Peace (PNKSLM)
22. Sarah Mary Chadwick, Sugar Still Melts In The Rain (Sinderlyn)
23. Yours Are The Only Ears, Knock Hard (Team Love)
24. Postdata, Let’s Be Wilderness (Paper Bag)
25. Lazyeyes, Echoes (Egghunt)
26. Confidence Man, Confident Music For Confident People (Heavenly/PIAS)
27. Mythless, Patience Hell EP (Joyful Noise)
28. Eeels, The Deconstruction (E-Works/PIAS)
29. Hatchie, Suger & Spice EP (Double Double Whammy)
30. High Disciple, s/t (Ernest Jenning)