The Blurry Destruction of Touring With Max Pain & The Groovies

Last weekend Max Pain & The Groovies kidnapped me for a short jaunt to the first state of our nation, Delaware.

I wrote all about it here and shared some photos of the pandemonium. But the following photos portray just how truly blurry this destruction was. There’s nothing like having a disposable camera to make taking photos easier for the drunk eye.

Scroll down to see some rock ‘n’ roll chaos. Caution: they may make you feel drunk.

The adventure started the night before we left, where we partied in Brooklyn until 4 a.m. and pushed back our departure to late afternoon on the next day.

Our ride was an old airport flyer bus decked out into a true rock ‘n’ roll-mobile called “Das Busch,” after the band’s beer of choice.

After the show, we partied inside Das Busch, passing bottles and joints around until everyone passed out.

The next day, we shockingly all woke up around 9 a.m. and had a full day. We got breakfast at Wawa, went to the casino, drank White Claw hard seltzers on top of Das Busch and chilled at a D.I.Y. skate park before heading back to NYC.

When we returned to the city, frontman David Johnson had to go to work at 169 Bar. A couple of us joined him to keep the party going but most of the crew went home to crash. The past couple of nights partying with Max Pain & The Groovies was exhausting and epic. Now, all I need is a commemorative shirt that reads “I survived the big D with Max Pain & The Groovies and all I got was this t-shirt.”