The Big Boat is No Longer Stuck, But The Jokes Will Live Forever

Ever Given, the enormous container that’s been stuck in the Suez Canal for six days, is finally free. What was an abject disaster for global trade predictably turned into a goldmine for online jokes.

People reveled not just at the boat’s size, but how silly and incredibly direct the whole ordeal was. So much about the world and how it operates is unseen or unexplainable. But with the big boat, we could see it plainly. The captain messed up and ran it aground, which meant all the ships behind it couldn’t go through. This effectively re-routed the Mediterranean trade around the southern tip of Africa.

Even that’s too technical, though. Within hours, people began identifying with the big boat, enjoying the fact that it was stuck. Some built websites updating its status or that allowed you to get the big boat stuck in the body of water of your choosing. Others wrote about why they liked that the boat was stuck, even though they knew it was bad that it was stuck.

The big boat signaled a rare moment in internet—specifically Twitter—monoculture. All the posts, even the corny and pandering ones, were good. There are plenty of reasons why, but the easiest one to understand is that everyone can appreciate and laugh at a giant boat being stuck.

Maybe that’s why the moment it was partially freed, the phrase “PUT IT BACK” began trending. The Ever Given will continue on its course, and we’ll never live in this incredible unifying moment again. But the tweets and jokes will live on forever.