The Beths Leads BTRtoday's Weekly Top 30

1. The Beths, Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)

The Beths, “The Future Hates Me”

2. Oh Sees, Smote Reverser (Castle Face)
3. Free Cake For Every Creature, The Bluest Star (Double Double Whammy)
4. Echo Courts, Room With A View (Refresh)
5. Animal Electricity, Beginning To See The Light (Eebus)
6. Teleman, Family Of Aliens (Moshi Moshi)
7. Tomberlin, At Weddings (Saddle Creek)
8. Creux Lies, The Hearth (Cleopatra)
9. Idle Hands, Don’t Waste Your Time EP (Self-Released)
10. Illuminati Hotties, Kiss Yr Frenemies (Tiny Engines)
11. Ohmme, Parts (Joyful Noise)
12. Bilge Rat, Pal (Bee Side Cassettes)
13. Whitney Ballen, You’re A Shooting Star, I’m A Sinking Ship (Father/Daughter)
14. Curse of Lono, As I Fell (Submarine Cat)
15. Beechwood, Inside The Flesh Hotel (Alive Naturalsound)
16. Hotel Mira, s/t EP (Light Organ)
17. The Brutalists, s/t (Cleopatra)
18. Gymshorts, <em?Knock,Knock! (Burger)
19. Chet Vincent, Where The Earth Opens Wide (Misra)
20. Calicoco, Float (Dadstache)
21. Odetta Hartman, Old Rockhounds Never Die (Northern Spy)
22. The Essex Green, Hardly Electronic (Merge)
23. Neil & Liam Finn, Lightsleeper (Inertia/PIAS)
24. Dizzy, Baby Teeth (Royal Mountain)
25. Hilang Child, Years (Bella Union/PIAS)
26. Honyock, El Castillo (Friendship Fever)
27. Lung, All The King’s Horses (Sofaburn)
28. Anna Calvi, Hunter (Domino)
29. Tom West, “Got It Cheap” Single (Self-Released)
30. The Happy Fits, Concentrate (Self-Released)