The Best Memes of 2018

Memes are a way of life. They pick you up when things get you down. They’re there for you no matter what. Maybe they only make sense to us millennials and  Gen X/Zers, but they’re beautiful. Without them, the world would be a dark, dark place.

So forget your troubles or laugh at them with the top ten memes of 2018 below .

1. This will always be one of the most relatable memes ever.

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2. This meme that’s so dang true it hurts.

3. This conservative who tried to convince people male privilege was a myth,  but instead got eaten alive by the meme monster.

4. This meme of a guy yapping away to an obviously uninterested girl provides far more insight into male privilege, however.

5. The boy at the Super Bowl who took a selfie with Justin Timberlake but looked a little too young to actually know who JT was.

6. The beloved, nonsensical craze of the moth meme depicting its burning love for lamp (check out our favorites of the moth memes here).

7. This meme put Fleetwood Mac back into the spotlight for their 2018 tour (and are touring in 2019).

8. The “Thank U, Next” memes born out of the Ariana Grande hit song really hit the spot this year.


9. This meme was actually a thing back in 2011, but came back with vengeance in 2018.


10. And of course, the arguing meme from American Chopper.