The Best in Weed Tech

Marijuana doesn’t seem to need tech innovation. Getting high can be accomplished with the most basic of tools. You’re setting a plant on fire and inhaling its smoke. That doesn’t require advanced artificial intelligence or nanobots. A cigarette lighter and a Gatorade bottle or an apple get the job done just fine.

But with weed increasingly decriminalized or even legal, its consumption no longer needs to be hidden away. Marijuana related devices can be left out on a kitchen countertop without fear of recrimination from the law or society. So it’s natural that weed accessories are inching away from head shop grubbiness and towards the William Sonoma catalog.

So while tried and true weed smoking methods do indeed get the job done, modern marijuana innovations offer comfort and convenience we’d be fools to pass up. The smells, messes, minor burns and other irritations that once came along with ingesting THC aren’t necessary anymore.

Here are some of the biggest developments in modern weed gadgetry. We’re not 100 percent onboard with all of them, but we’re delighted to have the choice.


Despite its appearance, the BRNT Design Hexagon bong isn’t really from space or the future. But it can boldly go where no bongs have gone before: the dishwasher. The ceramic body is dishwater safe and can handle a variety of temperatures. It’s even freezer safe, which is great because the colder your bong water, the smoother your hit will be.

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The Leaf

Do you want to grow pot but only have a space the size of a mini-fridge available for planting? For about $2,000, the leaf will turn you into the small batch marijuana grower of your dreams.The inconspicuous device and its accompanying smartphone app lets you nurture marijuana plants with high tech precision at an average of four ounces at a time.

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Glass Filter Tips

Sometimes the greatest innovations are the simplest ones. Shared joints help transmit germs and other mouth borne nastiness. How can you impose hygienic standards on this inherently dirty process? Use filter tips, dummy. And glass means class, so these low cost, easily washed filter tips will set you apart from the typical stoner and their funky blunts.

The NOVA Decarboxylator

You can’t just eat weed. Well, you can, but it wouldn’t do anything for you except leave some green funk in your teeth. The chemicals in marijuana need heat to become active, which is why it’s typically smoked or baked. But heating THC is a volatile process where even a single degree can impact its strength. The $210 NOVA Decarboxylator takes the guesswork out. The laboratory grade heating device is designed for weed lovers looking for accurate dosing and looks like a traveling coffee cup. It heats marijuana quickly and with exact precision, activating weed’s psychoactive chemicals.

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The Herbalizer

Remember above how we said getting high involves setting fire to a plant? Vaping takes the fire out of the equation. And that’s probably good, as smoking involves ingesting harmful carcinogens (that’s not to say vaping is 100 percent healthy, but it seems to be at least better than smoking.). The $525 Herbalizer was designed by a former aerospace engineer and offers more temperature control than you’re likely to ever actually need. Come on buddy, we’re getting high, not engineering a manned space mission.