The Best Idris Elba 'Hot Ones' Memes

On Hot Ones, host Sean Evans and his celebrity guests chow down on the hottest wings imaginable. But as its popularity has exploded, Hot Ones has become so much more than an interview show—it’s also an incredible meme producer. Turns out everyone, especially famous people, look silly and flustered when they’re eating absurdly spicy hot wings.  Hot Ones has already provided unforgettable memes with Shaquille O’Neal and even Weird Al Yankovic. But actor Idris Elba choking on hot wings might be the show’s finest meme work yet.

Elba’s early August appearance on the show quickly became one of the funniest choke jobs of all-time. And yes, we mean that literally.

The clip is a gift that keeps on giving. And once Twitter uncovered the choking meme gold, the jokes kept getting better.

Quick, can anyone think of a show where people are poisoned by food and die?

That joke might’ve been better than Game of Thrones‘ entire final season. And like any good meme, eventually it began making fun of itself.

It didn’t take long for the meme to get biblical, too.

But in case you thought Idris Elba choking on hot wings had reached peak holiness, here’s one that’s surely going to hell.

And with that, Idris Elba has been immortalized forever. Oh, and he’ll also be in NBA 2K20’s career mode. But that’s not nearly as funny.