The Best Donald Trump Impressions on the Internet

Let’s face it: almost everyone you know has a Trump voice. It’s just a fact of living in 2020. Donald Trump is the most clownable person alive. Just about everything he does is too weird or dumb or foul to be real. Comedy shows have been trying to satirize him for years, calling on celebrities to fill the role and capture the president’s surreality.

The best Trump impressionists, however, are the ones who capture the little things—the slight gurgle in his voice, the extra flex in his jawline, the bizarre detail no one but Trump would bother talking about. Anyone can toss on makeup and do a weird voice while pursing their lips. The greats take it a step—or several steps—further. And we’ve compiled the best Trump impressions on the internet and television.

Evan Berger
Berger is a TikToker who’s amassed more than 3.5 million followers partly because of his Trump-Obama mashup videos. His impressions of both presidents are pretty good, but in his later videos he really captures the neck-clenching, jaw-widening affect that’s so obvious whenever Trump speaks.

Anthony Atamanuik
Atamanuik’s Trump impression was so good he parlayed it into The President Show on Comedy Central, which ran for one twenty-episode season. His Trump voice is great, but few have captured Trump’s physicality better than Atamanuik, from his odd leaning posture to his constant gesticulations. If you squint, ignore the obvious hairpiece, and mentally give Atamanuik 50-75 extra pounds, they’re almost identical.

John Di Domenico
Di Domenico has been doing impressions of Trump for more than a decade—no, seriously. He also does a brilliant job of capturing Trump’s (weird) physical essence and combines it with a stellar vocal impression and affect. He’s widely considered the best Trump impersonator out there, and for pretty good reason.

James Austin Johnson
Nobody on this list captures Trump’s rambling speech pattern better. Johnson perfectly hits the president’s heavy breathing, quick cuts between words (and thoughts). It’s also not inconceivable that Trump would ramble about Weird Al Yankovic stealing Coolio’s licensing rights or share these exact thoughts about the accordion being a mystery of modern science.

That rant recently went viral, but Johnson’s been doing his thing for months.

Jimmy Fallon circa 2015
The impression is actually terrible, but it’s noteworthy for hearkening back to a time when Trump was still a political joke used to boost ratings on late night comedy shows (mostly on NBC). Aww, it’s like they didn’t even know they were raising his profile. Wasn’t that cute?