The Bachelor’s April Fool’s Day Joke Falls Flat

Arie Luyendyk’s season as The Bachelor made show fans despise him. His attempt at an April Fool’s prank might’ve made them hate him even more.

Season 22 ended more than a month ago, but the Worst Bachelor Ever thrust himself into the crosshairs of internet outrage once again. In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, Arie and eternally silent fiance Lauren decided to have a little fun on social media.

Except Lauren isn’t pregnant—she just sported a fake belly bump for the joke. Predictably, some Twitter users were angry the couple would fake a pregnancy as a prank.

It’s worth noting the role of Twitter outrage here. The microblogging platform is filled with users ready to pounce on any celebrity they don’t like. Arie is famous, eminently dislikeable and kinda dumb. He checks all the boxes for potential Twitter wrath.

But the joke is tone deaf even if the social media outrage is overblown. Fans hated Arie as The Bachelor for his lack of self-awareness. This is the guy who thought breaking off an engagement in front of network television cameras was a good idea.

After all the vitriol he received as The Bachelor, he should’ve expected these kinds of responses. Maybe he’s still blissfully unaware of public perception. Maybe he just doesn’t care. Either way, do yourself a favor and just ignore this dude forever.