Take Back America With Our Fourth of July Indie Playlist

It’s the first Independence Day in Trump’s America. We know.  It feels weird.

Instead of cracking a cold one with the boys and blessing America, exercise the freedom we’re celebrating. Our country is more than just a demonstration of fireworks and sexist comments from our president.

It’s the 21st century’s way of throwing tea into the Boston harbor. Turn your Bluetooth speaker system up to 11 and sing along to songs about police brutality, racism and sexism. Give the Trumpsters, bad cops and misogynists something to be afraid of—all while wearing star spangled hot shorts and grilling hot dogs. Like real Americans do.

America was built on revolution—so what’s more patriotic than a little rebellion?

Stuyedeyed, “Mr. Policeman”

Stuyeydeyed wrote the perfect song for living in fear in modern America. What’s more American than pleading to a cop to spare your life?

Tacocat – “Hey Girl”

Don’t be anything less than sassy and sarcastic to those catcallers on the block—let this song give you the strength to not smile when they ask you to.

Surfbort, “Slave”

A call to arms for all the females of the U.S. to misbehave—we’re all queens and will get up in your head. Cue maniacal laugh.

A Tribe Called Quest, “We The People”

Sing about gentrification, racism and immigration issues with your fellow Americans.

Parquet Courts, “Content Nausea”

Prepare to skip a global conflict and head to World War Four with these hipster-looking Brooklynites.

Lizzo, “’Scuse Me”

American beauty standards are already impossible to reach. And with our president constantly calling women fat or ugly it’s not easy to feel good about yourself. So start feeling yourself with this song.


Arcade Fire ft. Mavis Staples, “I Give You Power”

This catchy song by the ultimate indie group was first released with all proceeds from the track going to the ACLU.

No Nets – “A River Running Through”

This song was inspired by the 400,000-plus women at this year’s Women’s March and performed by BTRtoday fave No Nets. Grab the pussy hat and rock out.


Death Valley Girls – “I’m A Man Too”

Fight the patriarchy with this one, ladies. If that sexist a-hole is a man, then you’re twice the man he is.

Roya – “End Times”

Embrace the impending apocalypse while watching the fireworks with this easy-listener by Roya.