SXSW Rock & Fox Protests This Week on BTRtoday

Whether you’re at a rock show or a protest, the best view is always up close. When you’re among the reverberating amps and the powerful chants, you get a true sense of the energy of the event and the passion of the people. Experiences are meant to be lived front and center. That’s where we were, this week and all weeks, for BTRtoday.

SXSW Music 2019: Tuesday

The first day of SXSW started off the week-long music festival with a bang.

Everything You Need to Pack For SXSW (And More)

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Protestors Call on Advertisers to #DropFox

Demonstrators made their voices heard outside Fox News headquarters. Will advertisers listen?

When Will Americans Get Paid Parental Leave?

America is one of the only industrialized nations without federal paid family leave. But progress could be on the horizon.

Is Alcohol Slowing You Down?

Post-run drinks may make it harder for your body to recover and become stronger.