Sweet Treats and Fresh Punk Beats, This Week on BTRtoday

There are several definitions of sweet. It could mean a particular taste or general pleasure or delight. And even though they all roughly mean the same thing, Merriam Webster threw in one more definition for absolute certainty: “[a word] used for emphasis in various phrases and exclamations.” As in, that new song from Urochromes is sweet. That prism installation in downtown Manhattan is sweet. Those polaroids from SXSW are sweet. So yeah, there was a lot of sweet stuff on BTRtoday this week. What else do you expect us to say?

Exclusive Song Premiere of Urochromes’ “Hair So Big”

Get a taste of the popular Wharf Cat Records punk band’s forthcoming album right here.

Why Voter Fraud Has Never Happened And Probably Never Will

Republicans keep pushing voting restrictions to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Polaroids from SXSW 2019

A simpler way to enjoy the chaos of this year’s SXSW.

Get Your Brain in Racing Shape

With proper training, your mind could be your most valuable tool on race day.

Missing You Like Candy: 9 Highlights from Dessert Goals NYC 2019

In its sixth visit to New York, the after dinner treat-focused festival gave the city the just desserts its long needed.

Prismatica NYC

The traveling public art installation Prismatica brings color and creativity to downtown NYC.