Surveying Silly Super Bowl Props

The Super Bowl is upon us, which means people are ready to bet. The American Gaming Association predicts 26 million Americans will wager more than $6.8 billion on this year’s big game—both substantial increases from last year.

The survey takes into account things like Super Bowl squares, office pools and other wagers between friends, relatives and co-workers. But an ever-growing chunk is from legalized sports betting, which is becoming more commonplace throughout the U.S.

But maybe you’re not a football fan. Maybe you don’t have a good read on which team will win or how many points they’ll score. On Super Bowl Sunday, however, it doesn’t matter—prop bets are king. Props are bets on individual outcomes during the game, from a player’s total yards to how long the halftime show runs. They’re an easy way to heighten the stakes and make the game more interesting. And there are some weird ones out there.

(Odds via BetOnline and Bovada)

Pregame Coin Toss
Heads (-105) or Tails (-105)
It’s good to start with a simple bet to measure your luck for the rest of the night. You’ve got a 50/50 chance on the coin toss, unless you’re a nerd who enjoys explaining why coin tosses aren’t actually 50/50.

If a Fan Runs on the Field, Who Tackles Them First?
Security (+200), Player (+175), Team Staff Member (+250), Another Fan (+750)
Okay, we’re not saying we want a fan to run on the field. But on the off chance it happens, wouldn’t it be funny to have a little action on it? Most networks don’t show streakers or other fans taking to the field, so you’ll have to trust whatever sportsbook you use for this one. And if you’re gonna bet on it, wouldn’t you want to see another fan jump out of the stands and play hero?

Will Andy Reid Eat a Cheeseburger Before the End of the Super Bowl Broadcast?
Yes (+1200) or No (-7500)
The odds are telling you what to do here. No one on the field eats during football games. But Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid is a known cheeseburger lover, so is there a chance he wolfs one down for the cameras while celebrating a Super Bowl victory? My mind’s telling me no, but my body…

Whose Commercial Will Appear First?
Donald Trump (-270) or Mike Bloomberg (+180)
Bloomberg is the only Democratic candidate outspending Trump on advertising. Nobody wants to think about politics during the Super Bowl, but you’re bound to see both of these guys (and Tom Steyer) at some point during the broadcast. Go with Bloomberg for the odds upside. Go

Will Demi Lovato’s Microphone Be Black?
Yes (-250) or No (+170)
This seems dumb, right? Of course Lovato’s national anthem microphone is gonna be black. But then again maybe it’ll be white. Or bedazzled. Or some other wild Miami themed color. If you want to get in on some action immediately, make this bet and be instantly celebratory or disappointed.

Will Drake Pick or Promote a Team on Instagram?
Yes (-130) or No (-110)
Drake has a proclivity for wading into big sporting events. He’s experienced mixed results. Until his hometown Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA title, he was considered cursed among sports fans. And since star Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard left Toronto after one season, some might still consider Drake cursed. Godspeed to the fanbase of whichever team he picks.

Will Troy Aikman or Joe Buck Speak in Spanish?
No (-1000) or Yes (+500)
This isn’t going to happen. Or at least, it shouldn’t happen. We’ve all seen and heard brutal Spanish from a non-native speakers before. But I can’t even imagine Aikman or Buck attempting it. It would be a momentous occasion in television and world history, and anyone betting yes will have more than earned that payout.