Super Cool Rockin' & Romantic Contemporary Indie Valentine's Day Playlist

Nothing kills the mood more than a cliché love song.

If you’re like me, you judge your partner on their taste in music. Unless they share the same impeccable musical snobbery and genre preferences, I know we’ll never be compatible? If a guy is trying to romance me and turns on a Taylor Swift song to set the mood, I’m walking out that door.

So don’t lose your chance to find true love. If your partner or potential partner is into killer underground tunes that hit sweet spots like blues, garage, punk and rock ‘n’ roll, turn this playlist on and watch the sparks fly.

Bloodshot Bill, “Come Get Your Love”

This fast bluesy rock ‘n’ roll number shows you’re looking for true love—none of that shallow crap.


SUO, “Whisper Love”

This song sings sweet nothings into your ear, but still keeps things edgy.


The Medium, “Love Is Waiting”

Give your lover a twangy twist with this one by sweet Nashville boys, The Medium.


Born Ruffians, “I Fall In Love Every Night”

Fall in love every night to this raw and romantic indie thrasher.


Caroline Polachek, “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings”

If you wanna turn up the heat, this indie-pop song will have you stripping off some clothes.


Oh, Rose, “You’ve Got Fire”

Continue the striptease to this Oh, Rose song that’ll fuel your seduction with self-confidence.


Miranda & the Beat, “Baby Baby Baby”

Maybe it’s time to take things to the bedroom? Well, this blues-infused rocker will go perfectly with your sexy moves.


Liza Anne, “Devotion”

And this ain’t no hit-it-and-quit-it kind of playlist. Tell your partner you’re here for them with “Devotion.”


Angel Olsen, “Lark”

Slow things down with Angel Olsen’s sweet and passionate indie track.


The Shivas, “I Want You”

Use this dark, yet romantic track by The Shivas to confess your love.


Tennis, “Need Your Love”

There is no limit to how many times you can tell your lover how much you need them.


The Drums, “Kiss It Away”

Plus, on Valentine’s Day, the limit does not exist when it comes to kisses.


SadGirl, “Chlorine”

Hold your partner close as you both get nostalgic to Sadgirl’s song about a boy and a girl’s love for each other.


Fruit Tones, “I Know Where Love Comes From”

U.K. indie rockers Fruit Tones know where love comes from. And you should too, after listening to this playlist.


The Mystery Lights, “Wish That She’d Come Back”

This one is kind of a heartbreaker, but heartbreak is always a risk you take when you fall in love.


ShitKid, “RoMaNcE”

But enough about heartache. Why not get down, dirty and grungy with your lover to ShitKid’s version of a romance?


Thelma & the Sleaze, “One Million Kisses”

And again, I cannot say this enough, Valentine’s Day means you can receive/give as many kisses as your heart desires to your partner—any other day and it would just be annoying.


GRLwood, “I’m Having Sex Tonight”

And of course, end your Valentine’s Day keeping things sexy with GRLwood’s dark and mysterious punk rock track.