Summer Vacation Indie Playlist

It’s summer, so I’m going to make this short and sweet, like a perfect poolside afternoon cocktail. Here’s a playlist of 15 of this year’s best indie songs that’ll remind you of how perfect the moment you’re living truly is. Relax on the beach or breathe in that mountain air—whatever you’re doing right now, turn these songs up.

Take a break and press play.

The Nude Party, “Records”

The Nude Party’s ode to the true love of life, music.


Snail Mail, “Heat Wave”

A slow and sultry ditty that’ll make you reflective, but content.


The Molochs, “I Wanna Say To You”

The perfect summer indie anthem for life-changing epiphanies.


Champagne Superchillin’, “DJ Scott”

Turn this sexy tune up to transport yourself to a peculiar world of love and eternal summer.


Tanukichan, “Lazy Love”

The song that defines your summer fling.


Jane Church, “This Here City”

Have a little fun in whatever city you’re in with this catchy new song.


Uni, “Mushroom Cloud”

Let this rock ‘n’ roll banger make your mind wander.


The Babe Rainbow, “Supermoon”

Slow it back down but keep things trippy with The Babe Rainbow’s “Supermoon.”


Shannon Shaw, “Broke My Own”

We’re in the heart of August now, nearing the time when your summer fling inevitably fizzles out. Shannon Shaw’s “Broke My Own” is the song for when the inevitable comes.


Navy Gangs, “Housekeeping”

From Navy Gangs’ brand new album, Poach, this song will have you smiling and swaying.


Dentist, “The Latter”

Now it’s time to kick things up a notch with Dentist’s catchy and dreamy pop punk.


77:78, “Chilli”

With your energy up, it’s time to get lost in this ‘70s rock-inspired dance song.


Caroline Rose, “Bikini”

The tongue-in-cheek thrasher about dancing in a tiny bikini is perfect for hot and trashy summer nights.


Cherry Glazerr, “Juicy Socks”

Does it look like that summer fling might somehow survive into the fall? This is the song you need to hear.


Soccer Mommy, “Cool”

Soccer Mommy’s “Cool” is mighty relatable to anyone who ever wanted to part of the cool crowd. Play it loud enough and cool will crowd around you.

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