Stuff We Already Forgot Happened in 2018

Most years suck, but 2018 was such an abject dumpster fire that the phrase “dumpster fire” became a cliche through overuse. News constantly assaulted our inboxes and Twitter feeds. 2018’s constant churn of derangement and horror was enough to overwhelm anybody. Maybe your brain could no longer process the endless barrage of news and decided to stop filing the information. Fortunately, we remembered all the stuff you already forgot happened in 2018.

Winter Olympics Held in South Korea

We had a whole Olympics this year. Crazy, right? There wasn’t a ton to take away from the Pyeongchang games, other than America won curling.

Aziz Ansari’s Awful Date

Yes, it seems like the Master of None star was #metooed 10 years ago but check the date on the babe dot net article: January, 2018.

North Korean Summit Actually Happened

No, this wasn’t a John Bolton fever dream. Our president met Kim Jong Un for a meeting billed as the summit of the century. In reality, though, it was a mostly forgettable photo op. If nothing else, it reminded Americans that our leaders are obsessed with using more flags than North Koreans.

U.S. Launches Second Round of Bombing Syrian Military Bases

In April Donald Trump ordered bomb strikes on three Syrian chemical weapons facilities. It was an impulsive military strike made without concern for a larger military strategy. Nonetheless, the media lauded Trump for his “presidential” decision. War may be a few years down the line, but when it comes, we’ll have the Fareed Zakarias of the media world to thank for it.

U.S. Withdraws From Human Rights Council

Then-U.N. secretary Nikki Haley cited the Human Rights Council’s “anti-Israel bias” as the United States’ reasoning for pulling out. That’s ironic, given Israel’s disrespect for the human rights of Palestinians. The withdrawal may be symbolic, but given the administration’s propensity for caging children, perhaps it’s appropriate that America left the Human Rights Council.

Thai Boys Soccer Team Rescued From Cave

This was the biggest news story in the world for like three weeks. We were constantly updated with news of the rescue mission and jokes about Elon Musk’s inane child submarines. But once all the players and their coach made it out alive, all memory of the event instantly disappeared.

Pipe Bombs Sent to Prominent Liberals

Everyone forgot this attempted wave of Fox News-inspired domestic terrorism within two weeks. Serious question—how frequently would Republicans bring this up if it happened to them?

Migrant Caravan Plans to Invade, Then Suddenly Goes Missing

In the weeks leading up to the midterms, Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans hyped this story incessantly. After election day, they abandoned it altogether. Did their scary and very, very made up racist stories about the invading hordes of migrants truly increase voter turnout? Who knows. But if there’s a story that captures 2018’s rampant racism and fear mongering, it’s this.