#StopAsianHate Playlist & List of Anti-Asian Violence Resources

It’s frustrating to see racism in our everyday lives. Some of it is creeping, insidious, systemic; some of it is blatant and violent. But all of it needs to be combatted.

BTRtoday truly believes in equality and treating every human with respect and decency. We’ve been working hard in amplifying the voices of our BIPoC and LGBTQ+ friends in the world of music. And with the rise of anti-Asian racism during COVID-19 and the recent slew of hate crimes against the Asian community, we wanted to do more to highlight the Asian & Asian American voices in music. There is a neverending list of incredible contemporary underground Asian & Asian American musicians you should’ve already been obsessed with for years.

But before you dive into the playlist below, check out this short list of organizations to support, and resources to help educate yourself and help stop the spread of Asian hate.

Now, listen below!

Hard Nips, “Blender X”


Baby Shakes, “Modern Girl Renegade”




Devyn Moon, “Remedy”


Lightning Bug,”Septmeber Song Pt. II”


Mini Trees, “Spring”


Caro Juna, “Unalone”


Gong Gong Gong, “Some Kind of Demon 某一種惡魔” (Yu Su Midnight Express Dub)


Chloe Tang, “Voicemails”


BuscoMujo, “Born Criminal”


Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, “Big Nine, Let’s Go”


CHAI, “Nobody Knows We Are Fun”


Run River North, “Lonely Weather”