Democrats Reaffirm Love of Losing With New Bumper Sticker Ideas

If catchy bumper stickers win elections, Democrats better get used to losing.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released potential slogans to combat Republicans in 2018. They are, in a word, brutal. Members were asked to choose which slogan they like best, but every option was a clear loser.

The stickers serve as yet another reminder of the Democratic Party’s incompetence. The internet quickly stepped in, as Twitter users dragged them and offered up some equally awful alternatives.

Others didn’t have a problem with the message, just the artistic integrity.

As maple cocaine notes, it’s hard to parody something this stupid. The Democrats’ overarching message before, during and after the 2016 election is that they’re not as bad as Republicans. At this point, it’s fair to wonder whether the entire party establishment is running on a computer simulation called “How to Disenfranchise Your Voting Base.”

In that case, why stop there? “Have You Seen The Other Guys?” is good, but the Dems should take it a step further. How about “Can You Do Any Worse?” or “We’re All Doomed Anyway!” Soon enough they’ll be parroting Trump himself—after six months of his terrible presidency, what do voters have to lose?

It’s depressing that a party facing the least popular president in American history can’t drum up something better than “he sucks—vote for us!”  It’s equally sad that bumper stickers can hold our attention for this long. Perhaps if they were just a teeny bit less tone-deaf the outrage would actually be overblown.

In the meantime, maybe the Democrats can be happy they managed to unite Americans over something.