Stefan Molyneux’s Worthless Warning to Women

Sexually active ladies: Stefan Molyneux has looked into your future and it’s covered in cat hair.

This weekend, the racist alt-right cult leader tweeted a warning to slutty women.

He’s frustratingly light on specifics. How exactly do we get the cats? Are they free? Are we apportioned get one cat per man or one cat per sex session? Is it just for penis-in-vagina intercourse or do I get a feline for oral and anal as well? What about kinks and fetishes? If I fuck a furry, do I get a tiger?

While this is the first time he’s implied that women get free cats, this is far from the first time Molyneux has tweeted sexist nonsense. In 2016, he informed us that “In the sexual marketplace, women are born rich, and grow poor. Men are born poor, and grow rich.”

I’m assuming he means women are sexually repulsive once they hit age 35, whereas men age on a Cloonian trajectory of hotness, only getting better with time. Well, if he can make rude pronouncements about my sexual desirability, I’ll do the same.

Stefan Molyneux is sexually repulsive.

Believe or not, Molyneux bills himself as a gender and relationship expert. His YouTube channel is replete with titles like “Why Feminists Hate Men: What They Won’t Tell You!” and “Ladies! You Can’t Have It All!” Not to mention his stunning psychological insights like “Why Women Are So Unhappy.” Hint: it’s because you went and got yourself a job, girlfriend. And my personal favorite, “My Ex-Girlfriend Is A Socialist, Feminist, Racist, SJW Witch, Who Wanted To Be A Single Mom.”

I’m an expert in gender and sexuality. I even went to school for four years to receive a piece of paper saying so. As one of Molyneux’s professional peers, I’m fully qualified to call him sexist trash. Molyneux’s credentials on the subject are as follows: he was raised by a single mother who he doesn’t seem to like very much. Now he blames women for all violence, war, drug abuse, addiction in general, promiscuity (he’s judging that one, not me) and STIs.

Last June, Molyneux waded into the healthcare debate with this one:

Well actually, women use the pill for more than just pregnancy … no, you know what? That’s not even the point, though it is true. Even if we used it solely to prevent little Stefan Jrs., Molyneux should be required to subsidize it with his tax dollars. He should get his own tax, the Molyneux Tax, where you pay for one abortion at Planned Parenthood for every time you blame wars on single mothers.

In another video, titled “AHH! What Pisses Me Off About Idiots Who Tell You Not To Have Children,” he insinuates that “anti-natalists” should kill themselves if they’re so opposed to human life. In the same video, he declares “I have a job the very gods would kill for! [his emphasis]” THE VERY GODS.

This is the same guy who, at James O’Keefe’s book launch in January, compared America to the fallen Roman Empire and suggested that the alt-right is our salvation. One slutty cat lady at a time.